About Impact Clothing

IMPACT Clothing Company is one of the largest suppliers of corporate and promotional wear today. Founded in 1990, IMPACT is fuelled by a simple philosophy: MAKE AN IMPACT!

We have built a reputation on QUALITY, VALUE and SERVICE through meeting our customers’ needs.

Our products range from T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Pants and Sportswear for Men, Women and kids of all ages.

We apply quality prints, embroidery or screens.

We are very proud of our range and have created a collection which encompasses the latest styles, colour ways and technologically advanced fabrics, but most importantly, the needs of the market place.

IMPACT Clothing strives to create strong relationships between the Schools, Teams, Organizations and Businesses we service and their customers.

In addition to this, IMPACT Clothing owns its own manufacturing facility. This allows us to custom make a variety of garments in our customers’ colours, designs and specs.

We invite you to view our range and discover who we are! Visit us in Burlington, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta.


Screen printing is the art of applying ink to the surface of a garment or item by passing ink through a mesh design that has been exposed with the use of emulsion onto a mesh screen. Screen printing is generally used on garments, bags, corporate gifts and certain headwear.

Once the ink has been mixed according to your pantone colour requirement, and printed onto the product, i.e. a T-shirt, it must be cured to prevent the ink washing out of the garment.

The curing process is where the garment is passed through a oven on a conveyer belt at a specific temperature to cause the moisture in the ink to vaporise, and thus fixing the design permanently onto the item that has been screen printed


Embroidery is the branding option of choice on most upmarket knitted items and the majority of headwear. It is the art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads of silk, cotton, gold or silver upon any woven, knitted fabric or item.

Embroidery is very popular when branding corporate garments with company logo’s. Costs are determined by the total stitch count of the logo to be embroidered, the total items to be embroidered and the complexity of the logo.

Today the art of embroidery is fully computerized. From the digitising of the logo into the various embroidery formats, to the stitching of the logo on high speed industrial embroidery machines.


Heat transfer printing is a method of transferring a desired pattern via heat onto a substrate.

Suitable substrates include textiles, paper, plastic, cloth and many others.

One of the main advantages of heat transfers is that one can do small quantities in full colour at a reasonable cost.